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Repair for Stereo & Vintage Systems

Stereo receivers, amplifiers and vintage repair

Professional Repairs on Vintage Audio Systems

Our experienced technicians provide adjustments and calibration services for receivers, amplifiers, tape-decks, tubes or transistors. We use original components and parts to ensure high-quality repairs.

Recovery of Defective Equipment

Our team of experts can repair and recover defective equipment, including Marantz, Sansui, Technics, The Fischer, Pioneer, Kenwood, tube receivers, and tube amplifiers.

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Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote for your vintage audio repair. We are located in CA and have over 33 years of experience in the industry.

Virtual Meetings

Let's chat about your equipment problems and shipping arrangements. Some details are identified during the call and help to understand the problem. Some issues are resolved during the call.

We'll use Google Meet to discuss your repair needs during this 15-minute session.

About us

Audio Tech USA is a leading provider of professional stereo repair services. With over 33 years of experience, we specialize in vintage audio repairs, including tube amplifiers, Marantz, Sansui, Pioneer, The Fischer, Kenwood, Technics, etc.
We use original components to ensure high-quality services. Contact us today for a free quote.

Trust Audio Tech USA for all your vintage audio repair needs.

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